MIX 101.5 ‘s Secret Celebrity is back with $1000 of dollars in free cash! All you have to do is identify who the Secret Celebrity is to win the jackpot.

Here’s how it works:

Each Secret Celebrity jackpot starts with $250.00. Listen weekdays at 8:05, 9:05, 1:05 and 4:05. We’ll play our secret celebrity audio. If you know who it is, text CASH to 919-860-1015! We’ll pick one person and call them back. If it’s you, you’ll guess who is the MIX 101.5 Secret Celebrity! If you guess correctly, you win the jackpot! If you get it wrong, we add $50 to the jackpot and play again in the next designated hour. The money can really add up!


Your first chance to win is with MIX Mornings on Thursday February 15th at 8:05!


Secret Celebrity is sponsored by Crabtree, the southeast’s premier shopping and dining destination for more than 50 years and by Michael Korsshop Michael Kors Lifestyle at Crabtree!